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Secure Learning Environments: Prioritizing Safety in Education: 
The most important kind. 

WheelHouse provides extensive security solutions tailored for educational institutions. Leveraging our extensive experience in district-wide unification and system implementation, we ensure a significantly improved user experience compared to previous installations.

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Optimizing Your Existing Safety Systems with WheelHouse: Comprehensive Assessment and Enhancement at an Affordable Rate

We recognize that not every situation allows for a fresh start and that bonds, budgets, or grants are often not an option. At WheelHouse, we understand the value of optimizing existing systems. Our approach often involves a thorough rework, rewiring, reprogramming, and cleaning to enhance what you already have.

Specializing in maximizing the potential of current systems, we offer a comprehensive health check and assessment at no cost. Let's work together to ensure your systems function as intended, all at a reasonable rate. 


We don't push product: 

Every integrator has preferred products, and while we can make recommendations based on our expertise, we understand that our clients have their preferences too. It's our job to guide you through evaluating the cost-benefit of different products, ensuring that you receive the best value for your investment and avoid paying for features that may not be necessary for your needs. At WheelHouse, we are committed to installing or servicing any product line as per our customers' requests.


Beyond Sales Pitches: Ensuring System Efficacy with WheelHouse’s Insight

Factory representatives play a significant role in our industry, yet they often lean more towards sales than in-depth systems expertise. While it's straightforward to highlight product features and assure suitability for specific needs, the potential drawbacks frequently remain unaddressed. This oversight can lead to consequences such as slow network speeds, overloaded data traffic on inadequate client machines and mobile devices, or, in the worst-case scenario, security breaches due to system interruptions.

WheelHouse is eager to participate in these discussions, pose the critical questions, and help our clients assess the advantages and disadvantages of proposed systems. Conducting a third-party audit of the systems in question can prevent unnecessary expenditure and alleviate the frustration of poor system performance.


Maximize System Longevity: Tailored Service Agreements with WheelHouse

Service agreements may initially appear as unnecessary as extended warranties for consumer electronics, like headphones. However, for large-scale systems within extensive facilities, such as school districts, a well-considered service agreement can significantly enhance the lifespan of a system, prevent catastrophic failures, and ensure prompt technician response times for urgent repairs.

At WheelHouse, our service agreements are tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers before they are implemented. These agreements often encompass system management software that alerts designated contacts about potential issues before they escalate, facilitating quick and efficient resolutions. Additionally, our service plans include routine maintenance such as the cleaning of cameras and recorders, the replacement of faulty devices, and assistance with manufacturer warranty claims.

Beyond maintenance, our service agreements are designed to accommodate budgetary constraints and progressively incorporate system updates over time. This proactive approach ensures the longevity and reliability of your investment.

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