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Intelligent Search

 Man at security desk

Proactive Surveillance.
Server Rated VMS Vs. Embedded Network Video Recorder.

Why go the extra mile and purchase a VMS operated server? The Axxon One Video Management Software, powered by Eline Servers, allows you to take a preemptive stance in securing your facility. With a properly programmed VMS you can empower your business to stop, prevent and deter crimes. Using Video analytics you can assist law enforcement in real time by allowing AI Neural thinking to identify threats and increase the accuracy of notifications. 

Apply video analytics to existing recorded video, turning search into a powerful tool to link crucial events in an investigation. Link facial recognition to license plates, objects or meta data from outside video sources. 

People on camera
People on Camera
People on camera
People on cameras

Axxon One


eLine Technology’s Mach Servers. These Smart Security servers were crafted to be a powerful, affordable and intelligent video security solution are a flexible for a range on industries. This video management Software (VMS) will scale infinitely for any size project. Small business or enterprise the eyStream NVR Servers will provide you with security and the power of analytic data that will benefit you and your business. 

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