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Dive Into the New Age of Smart Security.

FREE! Onsite Evaluation Of Your Business!

There is no high pressure here, you don't have to sign anything and we won't call you at dinner time. Let us come by and take a look, design you a system, add to or revamp an old one if possible. What could it hurt to know the numbers?  

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4G & Solar For Oil / Gas & Large Construction

If your reading this then you know how hard it is to protect your job site with little to no Infrastructure. You can breath now! Wheelhouse offers fully functioning 4G & Solar panel powered CCTV kits to meet your needs. Login remotely to view your site day or night, zoom in, spin around if you so choose too and sleep soundly knowing that the odds are in your favor against theft.   


Long Range Wireless

Standard Wifi security cameras are like the tectonic plates of technical reliability, your business's security shouldn't be on shaky ground. We offer long-range wifi devices that can supercharge a standard IP camera communication up to a mile! Have an apartment complex with multiple buildings? Or a detached barn? We have a solution for you. 

Resource Mitigation. 1K, 2K, 4K, 8K! How many K's do you want? 

Bank breaking high resolution is a thing of the past. Our consultant will work closely with you to narrow down the best high definition solution that meets your budgetary needs. Smart planning for a good combination of resolution, hard drive space and processing power is key, too much of one can tip the scales, resulting in slow cameras and a lack of recording resources. 

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Live Remote Guard Monitoring Services.

Say "NO MORE" to watching your property disappear into the darkness and catch them in the act! Why wait until the action is over and the trail has gone cold? For an affordable monthly fee our guards will watch your property when it counts the most, leaving you to sleep with a piece of mind. Avoid the high monthly cost of a traditional guard service and get notified in real time of trespass, flood, fire and unauthorized vehicles. 

Monitoring Room
Monitoin Service
Commercial Security. We Would Love The Opportunity To Work With You! 

The size of your business doesn't matter. We have a solution that will meet your needs and more importantly, your budget. There is never a better time to update, upgrade or purchase a surveillance system. It is always too late when you need it the most. In the last decade the cost of reliable hi-def security has fallen to an all time low. It is time that affordability equates to functionality and usability. We work with some of the finest manufacturers in the world to bring the latest in CCTV technology at the right price. Schedule your free, no obligation site survey today.   

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Commercial Security
The Most Powerful Tool In Security

Analytics are arguably the most powerful tool in protecting your business. Behavioral Analytics, Neural Network learning and Artificial Intelligence, they all sound like the latest SiFi flick. However.....The time is now. With an Eline Mach Server, powered by AxxonSoft, WheelHouse can take all of the guesswork out of your security. AxxonSoft analytics act like a team of security guards watching your property night and day. They can Identify the difference between a car, animal or human. They allow you to search by color, size, faces and license plates, then notify you based on your determination of what's important and what isn't. In addition to security, analytics can be used to monitor workplace safety, fire detection, logistics control and even inventory management. 

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Municipalities, Law Enforcement, Conservation and Crime Deterrence.   

No matter the challenge, WheelHouse has a solution to match. Crime deterrence, city park and recreation areas or off grid conservation reserves. Our modular surveillance kits come in many shapes and sizes, with various ways of communication including 4G. Need something less conspicuous? Not a problem, we don't mind going the extra mile and molding the products to meet your needs. With affordable monthly rental options, we can adapt the system overtime as your project progresses. Switch locations or link multiple systems for ease of viewing and monitoring. 

Municipalities, Law Enforcement, Conservation and Crime Deterrence.   



"We support all industries! We learn, innovate and create new ways to better use CCTV" Keep an eye on your day / night and watering cycles, get notified of power loss and entry of restricted areas. All from the push of a button.

Livestock Management, Ranch and Farming Solutions. 
Worry less and protect the bottom line. 

Having a pair of eyes in the field at night sounds a whole lot better with your boots off! With remote video transmission options, it's possible to cut down on the guessing game between what needs your attention now and what can wait until tomorrow. From experience we believe that CCTV can be used for more than security, In most cases the reduction in yearly losses often outweighs the investment. 

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Warranty,integrity & the bottom line

We're on the market for lifetime customers! We will stand by our claims, teach you to use your products before leaving the jobsite and follow up periodically to make sure everything is working as expected. In order to accomplish this, we stand buy the work we do. The majority of our products are covered by a 3 year, no questions asked, hardware to software warranty against factory defects. We also offer Free lifetime support for the life of the products.  

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