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Use WHEELHOUSE To Get a 360° View of Your Business

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At WHEELHOUSE, we are a team of industry professionals based in Colorado who have come together to offer a comprehensive solution to smart CCTV security. With a combined engineering experience of over 150 years, we are dedicated to providing unmatched security and engineering services. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary assessment of your CCTV security needs.

Cloud Storage Solutions

Own your own cloud. Don't allow a third party company to own, control or limit the use of your collected data. Adding a cloud server to your CCTV solution cannot only remove burdensome monthly costs but also mitigate bandwidth and NVR resource consumption.

 Use Analytics to add  brains to your eyes in   the sky. 

Video Analytics add an Iron Dome layer to your property. With proper use, Analytics provide an AI driven situational awareness, connect the dots for Law Enforcement and can notify users of an impending threat.   

Solar & 4G •Versatility in Application•

Tame the elements and secure your site. Utilize solar powered 4G to better guard your jobsite, farm or municipal need. Our solutions provide an off the grid way to save labor and theft. 

Guard Monitoring & Systems Management
•You cant put a price on a piece of mind•

The options are limitless. Whether it's a guard watching your cameras in real time or your system monitoring itself for malfunction, layering your security can be customized until you're comfortable. 

Art circles

•What's possible•

•active shooter detection 

•license plate recognition

•facial recognition

•fire & smoke detection 

•item detection

•mask detection

•behavioral ai & learning neural networks 

•skeleton analytics

•ai for customer management 

•ai for retail & manufacturing 

•ai for logistics 

•ai for product control 

   the benefits 

Security for business is changing.  The addition of web based products to the market place has begun to blur the lines between devices that add convenience and devices that provide security. In most instances the cheap and easy big box website solutions will work when looking in on the pets or checking on package delivery but what happens when the internet goes out? What happens when the bad guy goes farther than the front door and heads around back? An invasion occurs every 26 seconds, that adds up to 2.5M B&E's per year. Adding a true CCTV system to your property in conjunction with an alarm system increases your odds of avoiding an invasion by upwards of 75%. For the other 25% adding onsite camera storage with an off site redundancy, will drastically increase the chances of police capture and prosecution.



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In today's dynamic business environment, safeguarding your assets, employees, and data against potential threats has become a paramount concern. WheelHouse Systems, your trusted commercial security company, offers a comprehensive suite of business security systems designed to provide 24/7 protection for your Denver enterprise. Whether you're exploring options for business security cameras, video surveillance, or cutting-edge alarm systems, WheelHouse Systems is your go-to partner for ensuring peace of mind.

CCTV: The Right Fit at the Right Price

Selecting the perfect security setup can be daunting, but not with WheelHouse Systems. We offer a vast selection of business security cameras and video surveillance solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your Denver business. Our commitment is to provide the right fit at the right price, ensuring that your premises are monitored effectively without breaking the bank.

Remote CCTV Monitoring Services

Imagine a scenario where you receive a call in the wee hours, alerting you to suspicious activity at your premises, such as an unidentified vehicle loitering at the back gate. Now, picture the reassurance of knowing that someone is always watching, ready to act on your behalf. This peace of mind is what our Remote CCTV Monitoring Services offer, ensuring that your business is safeguarded even when you're not physically there.

Network Phone Systems

In the realm of business operations, communication is king. WheelHouse Systems provides top-tier network phone systems that are not only easy to use but also customizable to suit your specific needs. Our systems feature user-friendly web GUI interfaces, ensuring that your business communication is seamless and efficient.

4G & Solar-Based Jobsite Security

Regardless of the weather or time of day, securing your jobsite is a critical concern. WheelHouse Systems specializes in 4G and solar-based security solutions that are designed to withstand the elements, providing reliable protection for large job sites. Contact us today for a free jobsite assessment and let us help you safeguard your investment.

Large Scale Commercial Security

No job is too big for WheelHouse Systems. Our expertise spans a wide range of industries, from gas station chains to correctional facilities, museums, and libraries. As one of the leading commercial security companies in Denver, we pride ourselves on delivering customized solutions that meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Servers & Cloud Services

Join the WheelHouse Systems family and benefit from our custom-built servers that serve multiple purposes, from security-based NVRs to client machines and access control software. We also offer daily monitoring of server health at no additional charge, ensuring that your systems are always operating at peak efficiency.

POE Lighting

Illuminate your business premises with Power Over Ethernet (POE) lighting, the future of energy-efficient and customizable commercial lighting solutions. At WheelHouse Systems, we're at the forefront of integrating innovative technologies to enhance the security and functionality of your business environment.

Multi System Integration

Imagine having your Point Of Sale, CCTV, and Access Control systems functioning in unison, protecting your bottom line like a well-oiled machine. While it may not be an actual robot, the ability to generate monthly transaction and access reports, paired with video backup, offers a modern and efficient way to manage your business security.

Existing System Upgrades

If your current security infrastructure is showing signs of age but still has potential, WheelHouse Systems can breathe new life into it. We specialize in upgrading existing systems with modern technology, ensuring that your security measures are up-to-date and effective.

Maintenance & Repair

It's not uncommon for businesses to 'set and forget' their security systems, only to discover issues when it's too late. Whether it's a recording failure or another technical hiccup, WheelHouse Systems is here to provide maintenance and repair services, getting your systems back on track with minimal downtime.

Service Contracts

For businesses seeking ongoing support and system insurance, WheelHouse Systems offers service contracts tailored to both new and existing systems. Our plans typically include two free service visits, multiple maintenance inspections, and cleanings per year, ensuring that your security system remains in top condition.

Commercial Networking Services

In addition to security solutions, WheelHouse Systems offers gold-standard networking and network organization installations. Whether you're setting up a new building or upgrading an old one, we're committed to enhancing your business operations with high-speed, reliable networking services.

Monitored Alarm Systems

Integrate a live monitored alarm system with your existing security measures for an added layer of protection. In the event of a break-in, not only will you be immediately alerted, but the authorities will already be en route, thanks to our proactive monitoring services.

At WheelHouse Systems, we're not just another name among Denver security companies; we're your partners in ensuring the safety and security of your business. Explore our business security systems today and get a free quote to start safeguarding your Denver business with the utmost confidence.


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