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The right fit at the right price. Choose from a large offering of  products that best suit your  business.

Remote CCTV Monitoring Services

Imagine the phone rings in the middle of the night.... "Mr. Johnson, We're calling to make you aware that there is a white box truck at the back gate of the Monroe project. How would you like us to proceed?" Now imagine if it didn't. 

Network Phone Systems 

Need Phones? We offer top tier phone systems, easy to use, customizable web GUI interfaces and plan suited to your needs.

Call me!  

4G & Solar based, large jobsite security. 

Come rain, come hail, come dark of night.... Lets secure your jobsite right.

Call now for your free jobsite assessment. 

Large Scale Commercial Security

No job to big! From a gas station chain to a correctional facility, maybe throw in a museum or library! We're not picky! We have the right products to meet your needs. 

Servers & Cloud Services

Lets add you to the family. Our custom built servers wear many hats, from security based NVR's to Client machines and a place to house your access control software, we have you covered. We will also monitor the health of your server daily at no additional charge. 

POE Lighting

  Illuminate your world! POE is the future of connectivity.  Why not turn your commercial lighting into a futuristic, custom and controllable way to be energy efficient

Multi System Integration

Want your Point Of Sale, CCTV and Access Control systems to function as one big robot protecting your bottom line? Okay, maybe it's not an robot, but monthly transaction and access reports, paired with video backup seems just as cool right? 

Existing system upgrades 

Have an existing system or infrastructure that might have some life left? Let us knock the dust off and add some modern technology to get you where you need to be with your security!

Maintenance & Repair

Did you set it and forget it? Now that there has been an incident you went back to find your system wasn't recording. Sound familiar? Don't worry, you are not the only one. Let us take a look, and get things rolling again.

Service Contracts

Want functionality monitoring and system insurance? We can help with that. Whether a new system or old, we have a service plan for you. Most plans include 2 free service visits, multiple maintenance inspections and cleanings per year.   

Commercial Networking Services

We offer gold standard networking and network organization installations. New building or old, lets get your business functioning at top speed!

Monitored Alarm Systems

Ensure comprehensive security by integrating a live monitored Alarm System with your existing protection solutions. Rest easy knowing that if your phone rings in the night due to a break in, that the authorities are already

en route.


Like what you see? Get in touch to learn more. Ask today about 4g security cameras.

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